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¡°Ron, how can you let him go with you? After what Sirius Black nearly did to you! I mean it, I'll tell ¡ª¡±

¡°Yeah,¡± said Stan, still rubbing his chest. ¡°Yeah, that's right. Very close to You-Know-¡®Oo, they say¡­anyway, when little ¡®Arry Potter got the better of You-Know-¡®Oo¡± ¡ª Harry nervously flattened his bangs down again ¡ª ¡°all You-Know-¡®Oo's supporters was tracked down, wasn't they, Ern? Most of ¡®em knew it was all over, wiv You-Know-¡®Oo gone, and they came quiet. But not Sirius Black. I ¡®eard he thought ¡®e'd be second-in-command once You-Know-¡®Oo ¡®ad taken over.

A loud ripping noise rent the air; two of the Monster Books had seized a third and were pulling it apart.

Fudge came back, accompanied by Tom the innkeeper.

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