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¡°You know what we've got to do,¡± said Wood as they prepared to leave the locker rooms. ¡°If we lose this match, we're out of the running. just ¡ª just fly like you did in practice yesterday, and we'll be okay!¡±

Harry turned around to see Professor Lupin, who looked both shaken and pleased.

Harry poked the parcel nervously. It snapped loudly again. Harry reached for the lamp on his bedside table, gripped it firmly in one hand, and raised it over his head, ready to strike. Then he seized the rest of the wrapping paper in his other hand and pulled.

¡°I daresay that is his ¡ª er ¡ª eventual plan,¡± said Fudge evasively. ¡°But we hope to catch Black long before that. I must say, You-Know-Who alone and friendless is one thing¡­but give him back his most devoted servant, and I shudder to think how quickly he'll rise again¡­¡±

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