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They made their way silently through the trees, keeping to the very edge of the forest. Then, as they glimpsed the front of Hagrid's house, they heard a knock upon his door. They moved quickly behind a wide oak trunk and peered out from either side. Hagrid had appeared in his doorway, shaking and white, looking around to see who had knocked. And Harry heard his own voice.


The Prisoner of Azkaban

¡°That's why he wouldn't say it was from him!¡± said Ron. ¡°In case some git like Malfoy said it was favoritism. Hey, Harry ¡ª¡± Ron gave a great whoop of laughter ¡ª ¡°Malfoy! Wait ¡®til he sees you on this! He'll be sick as a pig! This is an international standard broom, this is!¡±

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