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¡°D'you reckon we should tell someone?¡± Harry asked Ron.

¡°S¡ªSirius¡­R¡ªRemus¡­¡± Even Pettigrew's voice was squeaky. Again, his eyes darted toward the door. ¡°My friends¡­my old friends¡­¡±

Harry had barely had time to marvel inwardly at the effort Hermione put into her homework, when Lupin started to laugh.


And out fell ¡ª a book. Harry just had time to register its handsome green cover, emblazoned with the golden title The Monster Book of Monsters, before it flipped onto its edge and scuttled sideways along the bed like some weird crab.

There was a loud crack, and Harry's cloudy Patronus vanished along with the Dementor; he sank into a chair, feeling as exhausted as if he'd just run a mile, and felt his legs shaking. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Professor Lupin forcing the Boggart back into the packing case with his wand; it had turned into a silvery orb again.

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