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He would have liked to have told Lupin about the conversation he'd overheard about Black in the Three Broomsticks, about Black betraying his mother and father, but it would have involved revealing that he'd gone to Hogsmeade without permission, and he knew Lupin wouldn't be very impressed by that. So he finished his butterbeer, thanked Lupin, and left the History of Magic classroom.


¡°They make a fuss about Hogsmeade, but I assure you, Harry, it's not all it's cracked up to be,¡± he said seriously. ¡°All right, the sweetshop's rather good, and Zonko's Joke Shop's frankly dangerous, and yes, the Shrieking Shack's always worth a visit, but really, Harry, apart from that, you're not missing anything.¡±

¡°Mr. Malfoy states that he was standing talking to Weasley, when a large amount of mud hit him in the back of the head. How do you think that could have happened?¡±

¡°Your grandmother sent yours to me directly, Longbottom,¡± said Professor McGonagall. ¡°She seemed to think it was safer. Well, that's all, you may leave.¡±

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