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They set off back toward the castle, walking slowly to keep themselves hidden under the cloak. The light was fading fast now.

¡°I wonder why Professor Lupin's frightened of crystal balls?¡± said Lavender thoughtfully.

Abruptly, as though the tree had been turned to marble, it stopped moving. Not a leaf twitched or shook.

Filch was the Hogwarts caretaker, a bad-tempered, failed wizard who waged a constant war against the students and, indeed, Peeves. However, Peeves paid no attention to Professor Lupin's words, except to blow a loud wet raspberry.

¡°Good,¡± said Dumbledore. ¡°Then he should be up and about in no time¡­Derek, have you had any of the chipolatas? They're excellent.¡±

The moment when he'd first found out he was a wizard, and would be leaving the Dursleys for Hogwarts! If that wasn't a happy memory, he didn't know what was¡­Concentrating very hard on how he had felt when he'd realized he'd be leaving Privet Drive, Harry got to his feet and faced the packing case once more.

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