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¡°Maybe you'd rather not risk your neck,¡± he said. ¡°Want to leave it to the Dementors, do you? But if it was me, I'd want revenge. I'd hunt him down myself.¡±

¡°Here we come!¡± Hermione whispered.

Ron hesitated, then put a hand inside his robes. Scabbers emerged, thrashing desperately; Ron had to seize his long bald tail to stop him escaping. Crookshanks stood up on Black's leg and made a soft hissing noise.

¡°Sirius,¡± Harry muttered, staring into the darkness.

¡°I think you must have dozed off too, dear!¡± said Professor Trelawney. ¡°I would certainly not presume to predict anything quite as far-fetched as that!¡±

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