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¡°How did you know about that?¡± Harry asked.

¡°Get out of the way, Potter, you're in enough trouble already,¡± snarled Snape. ¡°If I hadn't been here to save your skin ¡ª¡±

¡°Now, Snape,¡± said Fudge, startled, ¡°the young lady is disturbed in her mind, we must make allowances ¡ª¡±

The school talked of nothing but Sirius Black for the next few days. The theories about how he had entered the castle became wilder and wilder; Hannah Abbott, from Hufflepuff, spent much of their next Herbology class telling anyone who'd listen that Black could turn into a flowering shrub.

¡°No, I'm not!¡± said Harry.

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