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Crack! Where the mummy had been was a woman with floorlength black hair and a skeletal, green-tinged face ¡ª a banshee. She opened her mouth wide and an unearthly sound filled the room, a long, wailing shriek that made the hair on Harry's head stand on end ¡ª ¡°Riddikulus!¡± shouted Seamus.

¡°D'you get the feeling Hermione's not telling us something?¡± Ron asked Harry.

¡°Well,¡± said Harry. ¡°¡®Bye then!¡±

His first thought was Lord Voldemort ¡ª a Voldemort returned to full strength. But before he had even started to plan a possible counterattack on a Boggart-Voldemort, a horrible image came floating to the surface of his mind.¡­

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