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¡°Professor, I ¡ª¡±

He was in a cellar, which was full of wooden crates and boxes. Harry climbed out of the trapdoor and replaced it ¡ª it blended so perfectly with the dusty floor that it was impossible to tell it was there. Harry crept slowly toward the wooden staircase that led upstairs. Now he could definitely hear voices, not to mention the tinkle of a bell and the opening and shutting of a door.

¡°Yes,¡± said Harry, tearing his eyes away from the dog's and dazedly consulting his booklist. ¡°Er ¡ª I need Intermediate Transfiguration and The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Three.¡±

¡°But Harry will be perfectly safe at Hogwarts.¡±

It took Harry several days to get used to his strange new freedom. Never before had he been able to get up whenever he wanted or eat whatever he fancied. He could even go wherever he pleased, as long as it was in Diagon Alley, and as this long cobbled street was packed with the most fascinating wizarding shops in the world, Harry felt no desire to break his word to Fudge and stray back into the Muggle world.

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