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¡°No,¡± said Dudley, whose attention had returned to the television now that Uncle Vernon had finished threatening Harry.

Malfoy suddenly caught sight of Ron. His pale face split in a malevolent grin.

¡°Well, let's hope not,¡± said Wood. ¡°Anyway ¡ª good work, everyone. Let's get back to the tower¡­turn in early¡­¡±

¡°You've got to listen to me,¡± Black said, and there was a note of urgency in his voice now. ¡°You'll regret it if you don't¡­You don't understand¡­.¡±

Lupin looked at him quickly.

He took the Firebolt and, holding it as if it were made of glass, carried it away up the boys¡¯ staircase.

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