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Harry's fists clenched as they watched Snape skid to a halt next to the tree, looking around. He grabbed the cloak and held it up.

¡°Hogsmeade, next weekend!¡± said Ron, craning over the heads to read the new notice. ¡°What d'you reckon?¡± he added quietly to Harry as they went to sit down.

¡°I didn't mean to,¡± said Harry, while Ron roared with laughter. ¡°I just ¡ª lost control.¡±

¡°He did,¡± said Fudge heavily. ¡°And then, barely a week after the Fidelius Charm had been performed ¡ª¡±

¡°Yes, Yes, I will,¡± said Lupin.

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