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¡°Don't expect me to cover up for you again, Harry. I cannot make you take Sirius Black seriously. But I would have thought that what you have heard when the Dementors draw near you would have had more of an effect on you. Your parents gave their lives to keep you alive, Harry. A poor way to repay them ¡ª gambling their sacrifice for a bag of magic tricks.¡±

. . . . . . . . . .

¡°Yes,¡± said Harry. Then, feeling he might as well do the thing properly, he added, ¡°All the time.¡±

There wasn't much room inside. Every inch of wall was hidden by cages. It was smelly and very noisy because the occupants of these cages were all squeaking, squawking, jabbering, or hissing. The witch behind the counter was already advising a wizard on the care of double-ended newts, so Harry, Ron, and Hermione waited, examining the cages.

¡°What?¡± they said, pretending to look curious.

¡°I don't know how I did it,¡± he said slowly. ¡°I think the only reason I never lost my mind is that I knew I was innocent. That wasn't a happy thought, so the Dementors couldn't suck it out of me¡­but it kept me sane and knowing who I am¡­helped me keep my powers¡­so when it all became¡­too much¡­I could transform in my cell¡­become a dog. Dementors can't see, you know¡­¡± He swallowed. ¡°They feel their way toward people by feeding off their emotions¡­They could tell that my feelings were less ¡ª less human, less complex when I was a dog¡­but they thought, of course, that I was losing my mind like everyone else in there, so it didn't trouble them. But I was weak, very weak, and I had no hope of driving them away from me without a wand¡­.¡±

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