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¡°Let me see, let me see¡­¡± he muttered, taking out his wand and smoothing the map out on his desk. ¡°Reveal your secret!¡± he said, touching the wand to the parchment.

¡°Come to have a good gloat?¡± said Ron savagely as she stopped in front of them. ¡°Or have you just been to tell on us?¡±

Harry looked down at Ron, and as their eyes met, they agreed, silently: Black and Lupin were both out of their minds. Their story made no sense whatsoever. How could Scabbers be Peter Pettigrew? Azkaban must have unhinged Black after all ¡ª but why was Lupin playing along with him?

Snape pointed at the parchment, on which the words of Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs were still shining. An odd, closed expression appeared on Lupin's face.

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