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¡°Yes, I have,¡± said Harry brightly. ¡°He was my mum and dad's best friend. He's a convicted murderer, but he's broken out of wizard prison and he's on the run. He likes to keep in touch with me, though ¡­ keep up with my news ¡­ check if I'm happy ¡­¡±

¡°It's what my mum does whenever someone's upset,¡± Ron muttered, shrugging.

¡°He was like that when Percy gave him to me,¡± said Ron defensively.

¡°Good,¡± said Professor Lupin. ¡°Very good. But that was the easy part, I'm afraid. You see, the word alone is not enough. And this is where you come in, Neville.¡±

Only one person wasn't joining in the festivities. Hermione, incredibly, was sitting in a corner, attempting to read an enormous book entitled Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles. Harry broke away from the table where Fred and George had started juggling butterbeer bottles and went over to her.

¡°Please, sir,¡± said Hermione, whose hand was still in the air, ¡°the werewolf differs from the true wolf in several small ways. The snout of the werewolf ¡ª¡±

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